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Local Congresswoman Pushes Bill To Extend Food Stamp Eligibility

By:Staff Writer

July 29 , 2008

A Brooklyn Congresswoman is pushing a bill that would allow people on unemployment to collect food stamps while they look for work.

Nydia Velazquez says the measure would help those affected by the economic downturn.

Velazquez and other advocates say it's up to the government to help the state's 500,000 unemployed adults put food on the table.

"Making sure that in this nation, the most powerful richest country in the world, that we provide a safety net for those most vunerable,” said Velazquez.

The proposal would extend the food stamp eligibility time by a year.

Right now unemployed workers can receive food stamps for three months during every three years they don't have a job.

But Velazquez says many people take more than six months to find work.