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Appropriations Guidance

Every year, the United States Congress considers the need to fund specific federal government departments, agencies and programs. Monies provided by Congress provide funding for grant activities, overall operations, personnel, and other needs. The fiscal year is the accounting period of the federal government, which runs from October 1 to September 30 of the following year.

Each year, my office submits requests to address our community’s needs and objectives. Federal funds help meet some of our community’s biggest needs. Federal funding remains key to investing in our community, and your voice matters!

If you are interested in submitting appropriations requests for Fiscal Year 2022, please access my office’s submission form by clicking here. Our online form accepts Programmatic and Language Requests. In addition, interested organizations may submit Community Funding Project requests with the same form.


Understanding the Different Types of Appropriations Requests

  • Programmatic Requests: A submission that requests for Congress to fund a specific program in an appropriations bill at a specified level.
  • Language Requests: Unlike programmatic requests, language requests do not direct funding. These requests include bill or report language that directs (or urges) an agency to act.
  • Community Based Projects: a funding request for a specific governmental entity or non-profit organization in order for such entities to carry out a specific community project.

All requests should be submitted via our online electronic form, which is accessible here.


Guidance on Community Funding Projects

The Committee on Appropriations has provided guidance for organizations interested in receiving funding under a Community Funding Project (CFP) request. The following hyperlinks will provide information on eligible projects that are eligible under the CFP:


Additional Information on Appropriations and the Budget

Publicly available resources are available for anyone seeking to learn more about the appropriations process, federal budgets and economic reports. These reports can be accessed on the Appropriations and Budget page on or by clicking here.



For Programmatic and Language requests, please call the Washington, DC office at (202) 225-2361.

For Community Funding Projects please call our Brooklyn Office at (718) 599-3658 or the Manhattan Office at (212) 619-2606.