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Velázquez on Trump FY 2021 Budget

Velazquez on Trump FY 2021 Budget
February 11, 2020
Press Release
Washington, D.C. – Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) released the following statement regarding the President’s Fiscal Year 2021 Budget: 
“The President’s budget would dismantle our safety net, harm seniors, take food from hungry families, slash funding for infrastructure investment and housing and make it harder for young people to pursue education and job training. Budget’s reflect values and this one makes it crystal clear the President’s values are diametrically opposed to those of the American people. 
“The President’s budget would slash half a trillion dollars from Medicare and cut Social Security Disability Insurance. This comes at the same time he is relentlessly pursuing legal action to destroy protections for people with pre-existing conditions and dismantle every other protection and benefit of the Affordable Care Act.  The President is also trying to cut $900 billion from Medicaid, threatening the health care of seniors with long-term care needs and hard-working families in every corner of America. 
“For New Yorkers, this budget would be especially damaging. Donald Trump would eliminate the Public Housing Capital Fund completely, making a bad situation immeasurably worse, allowing public housing developments throughout the nation and in New York City to fall further into disrepair.  It is the height of hypocrisy for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to claim his top priority is protecting children who live in public housing, while proposing zeroing out the Capital Fund.  Likewise, tenant-based rental assistance would be reduced by $5 million, making it harder for seniors and working families to stay in their homes. 
“Young Americans looking to enter the job market, secure additional job training or pursue their education would lose out under this budget, too. Student loans would be cut by $179 billion, billions more would be cut from the Education Department and a ten percent reduction to the Labor Department would weaken job training and retraining programs.  
“Once again Donald Trump’s absolute contempt for the American people is on full display. I will work alongside my colleagues in Congress to reject these cuts and fund the programs important to the American people.”