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Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez

Representing the 7th District of New York


Velazquez Denounces Funding for Trump’s Border Wall

Velázquez Denounces Funding for Trump’s Border Wall
July 27, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC –Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) released the following statement in response to the House’s passage of the misguided and harmful “Make America Secure Act”, which allocates $1.6 billion in taxpayer funds for the building of a wall along the U.S. and Mexico border. 

             “Since our nation’s inception, it has been shaped and defined by immigration. Our nation was built with the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants.  But today, sadly, House Republicans passed a measure that flies in the face of that history.  
            “To be clear, this wall will not make us safer. But it does serve as symbol of the President’s hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric – like the language he used just this week in talking about ‘innocent, beautiful’ girls being – and I quote – ‘sliced and diced’, presumably by immigrants.    

            “That is the cynical politics of bigotry and fear – and it is the real motivation for this wall. But this funding is not just an affront to our national values.  This wall is bad policy, ineffective -- and a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Remember when candidate Trump promised that Mexico would ‘pay’ for his wall?  It didn’t take long for the Mexican government to expose that broken promise.  

            “This shameful bill includes 1.6 billion dollars to fund Mr. Trump’s boondoggle. That’s $1.6 billion that could go toward real, lasting job creation – or hiring more teachers – or fixing crumbling roads and bridges.  But, instead, Mr. Trump needs to fuel the politics of fear – and what better way to do so than at the taxpayer expense? We are better than this than this bigoted and wasteful proposal and I will continue to oppose its enactment.”