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Velazquez on Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Shortfall

Velázquez on Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Shortfall
April 27, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) spoke on the House floor regarding the pressing need for Congress to approve funding to address Puerto Rico’s Medicaid shortfall.  The text of her remarks is as follows: 

“Mr. Speaker, while my Republican colleagues take their sweet time passing a bill to fund the government, Puerto Rico is watching its Medicaid funds evaporate. 

“In this package, we must provide sufficient resources to address this shortfall – from the funding authorized under the ACA – that is already owed to the Puerto Rican people.  

“I remind Congress the funding under discussion would close a Medicaid shortage that was created by the unequal treatment of Puerto Rico -- fueling a healthcare crisis of historic proportions.  

“Last year, Speaker Paul Ryan committed to helping the Puerto Rican people.   As he himself recognized -- these are our fellow citizens. 

“Yes, Mr. President – they ARE American citizens! They have fought, shed blood and given their lives in nearly every major war. Yet they have been treated unfairly for decades. 

“Donald Trump’s own HHS Secretary recently acknowledged Puerto Rico needs $900 million to fund Medicaid. 

“For once, I agree with the Secretary! I yield back.”

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