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July 2019: What I Saw At The Border

October 8, 2019
Border E-Update

What I Saw At The Border


Dear Neighbor:

This weekend, I went to the South Texas Border to bear witness to conditions of migrant detainees.

What I saw there was heartbreaking, you won’t believe:

Overcrammed cells

Disoriented children

Sleep-deprived women

It should outrage every single American that this is being done in our name, in facilities flying the American flag.

That’s why I’m back in Washington fighting to pass legislation to end this cruelty, requiring minimum standards of medical care for those detained and keeping private prisons out of ICE’s reach.
But I can’t end this abuse alone. Join the conversation by following me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as by continuing to contact my offices.
#ForThePeople of Brooklyn, Queens & Lower East Side.